BAC Tokenomics

BAC is not an investment and 1 $BAC token = 1 $BAC token.
BAC gives owners a ton of great utility outlined on the WHAT YOU GET page

Stored in a separate lockbox for each issue

Issue #1 BAC Vault: Lockbox 1_1

the eth is used to purchase nfts for the
issue’s lockbox

bac vault: lockbox 1_1 is worth over 600 eth

each vault’s lockbox is tokenized into 100 million tokens

bac tokens can be aquired by either
burning or staking comics

BAC DAO: season one

the bac dao comes in seasons of 6 issues

bac dao tokens can be acquired by
burning bac comics

owning dao tokens will give you access to vote on what nft collections to buy for each lockbox

owning season one dao tokens also gives you access to bac tokens from all current & future issues & seasons

bac dao season one is divided into 150,000 total points

bac dao tokens come in varying point levels based on what you burned & total comics burned

burning issue 1 will get you more points in the dao than burning issue 2 – same goes for 3, 4, 5 & 6

burning rarer copies of issues #1 will get you more points in the dao than burning less rare copies


bac comics can be staked to acquire $bac tokens

owners who stake issue #1 will get a portion of 65m $bac1_1 tokens based on how long, and the comic they stake

staking rarer comics will get you more bac tokens than staking less rare copies

each day during staking, a snapshot is taken, total points are calculated & the daily token amount is split & given to owners

$bac1_1 tokens will be distributed to comic stakers over a period of 2 years

owners who stake issue #1 will also get a portion of $bac tokens from the rest of the season

staking issue #2 works similarly – stakers get a larger portion of $bac1_2 tokens & a portion from the rest of the season