Meet the Team

BAC Labs

Founded by the love for BAYC and the opportunity to tell fantastic stories with a variety of beautiful characters, the BAC team is setting the standard for integrating individually owned NFTs into a bigger adventure. Our goal and primary objective is to bring value to this community and the NFT community as a whole, and push the boundaries of art & technology.


Julian Lead Artist/ Head Writer @Julianthecreat1

Julian has been drawing since he was a kid. He began his artistic career selling cartoons to the New Yorker magazine. He then worked directly under ex Marvel president Bill Jeans for Take-Two Interactive as a storyboard artist and art director of their first comic book imprint. Julian has worked as a story artist for CBS, Jimbean, the Smithsonian, Time, and many more.

Jace Tech & Innovation Lead @anonamisterNYC

Jace has been inventing/dreaming and building for 25+ years. From animating Shel Silverstein’s poems to co-founding the Social Radio Startup Stationhead to producing StereoheadZ, Jace is always creating something.

Alon Web Developer @bac_alon

Alon has over 10 years of experience working across many industries from small to large companies including Schick, Intuit, Logitech, Zeiss, ADT, Allstate, GUESS, Hermès, Nikon and more. Alon delivers optimal solutions by harnessing both his development and design perspectives

Sarah Community & Social Media Manager / Marketing @StackinSats_

Loves creating, connecting, and working from the beach.

Toro Project Manager / Marketing @DigiToro_

Toro has taken her love of organization and collaboration into a career in Brand and Project Management over the last 10 years, working in consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and tech at leading agencies.

In her spare time, she works with arts companies in New York City to earn them press in pubs such as The Huffington Post and The New York Times through her boutique PR agency, Toro Communications.

When she finds even more time, she produces her podcast, Bullish with Toro.

Adam Design Lead @AdamAlson

Adam has been in the digital marketing space for 25 years working with world-renowned athletes, entertainers, brands and startups. As the founder of Double Down Digital, his curated client list includes Vince Carter, Seven Bucks Production, Cedric the Entertainer, David Goggins, amongst others. Adam is also a founding partner of digitally native brands, 500 LEVEL and Big League Pillows, with others in the pipeline.


Nikhil Mod @MohantyLink

Nikhil has experience in project management and currently works as a customer success manager for a cyber security firm. He also doubles as a DJ on the weekends. He has a great passion for the mainstream adoption of distributed ledgers. Most involved in P2E concepts.

IcedNFTea Mod @IcedNFTea

Likes NFTs and tea. Big fan of the apes.

MaksNiko Mod @MaksNiko

Loves the sea and web3. Coffee addict.